Espace Brochage Express

146 Bd de Charonne

75020 Paris

Au fond de la Cour droite

+33 6 11 20 10 94

Opening  times: 126pm



Eight London artists in Paris


Espace Brochage Express, Paris


Private View: 24.8.05



The cutting-edge of London's art scene comes to Paris this August with a showcase of work by eight of the city's finest emerging artists.


The group has been selected for the show around a common theme. Each of the artists, in different ways, celebrate surface and decorative excess in their work. Whether through paint, sculpture or installation, each embraces art that entices the eye and imagination of the viewer at times playful, at times melancholy, always unashamed to be seductive. This contemporary spirit has a distant echo in the boldness of the Baroque period of art, a relationship acknowledged in the title of the exhibition.


The paintings and objects of Nicholas Byrne play with forms of geometric and symbolic purity, from crystals to kaleidoscopic circles, challenging their established value.  


Katarina Foss creates luminous paintings that freeze-frame a fleeting moment, often inspired by the nostalgia and narratives of cinema. 


Rochelle Fry works with a variety of materials, including fallen trees, luxurious silks and plush feathers, combining and treating them to produce alluring new creations.


Using broadsheet newspapers as her canvas Jessica Holmes paints delicate compositions, her marks coalescing with the text and texture of the newsprint.


Veronica Smirnoff plunders images from a variety of sources for her vibrant panel paintings, from the myth and folklore of Russia, her native land, to the superficial London fashion scene.


Sinta Tantra creates installations that explore the idea of celebration, glamour and human optimism. Using shiny materials with "faux" surfaces, such as marble effect vinyl, she presents to us a world which is multiculturally seductive as well as being effortlessly disposable.


The sculptor Amy Woolley injects simple forms with wit and thrill, using unconventional materials to produce elaborate decorative effects.


Lawrence Williams stages strange environments that both unnerve and attract the viewer, setting his surreal plastic sculptures in front of hand-drawn wallpaper backgrounds.




For further information and images on the exhibition and artists, contact Sinta Tantra on Tel +44 7960 944 199  /  e mail