Boo Hoo Hoo! Ha Ha Ha!
(I'm in between a laugh and a cry!)

Ada Street
London, E8 4QU
Bethnal Green tube

Opening times:  14.09.05 – 18.09.05
12pm – 6pm


The exhibition brings together the works of three young London-based artists that share their roots in painting but have challenged this language through the exploration of the three-dimensional. This unique project space,
Ada Street (a former toothbrush factory), is therefore the ideal venue for such a show. Here the artists can uninhibitedly produce an assortment of witty creations that playfully interact with the walls and the floor of the gallery.

Boo Hoo Hoo! Ha Ha Ha! (I’m In Between A Laugh And A Cry)
is taken from a 1930’s musical song title by
Hollywood film composer Harry Warren. A love song filled with all the usual clichés and strong sentiments – it wallows in its own sea of melancholic loss and loneliness. The song refers to the range of emotions experienced when adoration, infatuation and over-indulgence is realised to the extreme.

Amelia Power plunders images from a variety of sources. From observant sketches made from what she sees around her; to her eclectic collection of found imagery that range from old photographs, costume design and children’s stories; she applies the paint in an clumsy, yet effortlessly graceful manner. By overlaying together these narratives, histories and places, she finds a quirky theatrics in the banality of the everyday. Whether on paper or bits of abandoned wood that she salvages from the streets; she puts together these paintings to form a fragmented storyboard on the wall for the viewer to unveil.

Sinta Tantra creates wall installations that are made up of a collage of intricate hand cut-outs, painted shapes and sometimes protruding wooden constructions. The work explores the idea of celebration within the glamorous – full of human optimism but with an underlying tone of crudeness within such excess. Inspired by her Balinese roots, American childhood and
London upbringing, she presents to us a world full of colour, decoration and multiplicity within the age of mass consumerism. Using ready-made surfaces such as plastic vinyl, industrial sprays and pre-fabricated paints, she is unashamedly indulgent in the use of such materials.

Lawrence Williams stages strange environments that both unnerve and attract the viewer. Influenced by the psychedelic and the surreal quality of children’s programmes, such as the Magic Roundabout, Williams creates his very own creatures made up of Styrofoam, wood, and vinyl. Their sophisticated yet child-like constructions are reminiscent of our play school years, when simple pleasures where found in cutting, gluing and sticking. Behind his sculptures, Williams sets a theatrical backdrop in the form of his very own wallpaper. Black and white photocopies of diamond shapes and emblems of deer-like mammals cover the walls of the gallery to produce bizarre, optical effects.

For further information and images on the exhibition and artists, contact Sinta Tantra on tel +44 7960 944 199 / e mail